Reflections on today’s second day of class


Today is a difficult day  for several reasons, first of all, it is September 11, wich is and will  always be, a somber day for the free world, and we shall never forget. Secondly, my country of origin, Venezuela, woke up even more  bruised, after the sentencing of the leader of the opposition to 13 years of jail for speaking up his mind, while all the drug traffickers, murderers and corrupt politicians are still out there.  But part  of Yoga is learning to do things for the good of all, and we need to continue with our life as best as we can.

Today in class we went over the classic poses or Asanas in Hatha Yoga, and each one of the students had to teach the rest of the class how to do one of the poses. We were practicing  side stretches, and I volunteered to teach Half Moon Pose, a pose that I am very familiar with since I think there aren’t many classes in which I don’t have to do it. However, trying to teach how to get into the pose and move out of graciously is a totally different thing. First of all, you almost have to do the pose itself before the instruction to remember the steps, but you don’t have time! So then you are speaking as you demonstrate it, and that is not easy either. But just like any other difficult task, it was over and we all had to do it, so it felt humbling. Great experience and also the best way to know what is it that we need to focus on for teaching Yoga. My respects to all my fantastic yoga teachers out there!

Somehow I must have lost practice of being in a class for almost 6 hours, and I feel drained, but I have all those books to read, so I will get back to them for now.


2 thoughts on “Reflections on today’s second day of class

  1. Today must have been a difficult day: the thoughts of the yoga community and the wider world are with you and all who were affected by the September 11th attacks.
    I love

    On a happier note, I love the way you describe getting lost in your yoga class! It’s amazing the power of practice has over our minds and bodies!


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