First day of school.. Not just any school, but Yoga School !

imageYesterday was our first day of class, so that old feeling of not knowing what to expect, who will my classmates be, where do I park my car, what is next, it all showed up just like when we were kids.  But it all fades away pretty fast, the studio where the classes are held is very welcoming and nice, and the other students are all very friendly and approachable, not to mention the instructors that were there!

As for what did I get out of my first class, well, it was a lot of information about history, ancient history, which I really appreciate! Of all that information  what really stuck in my mind and I keep going over and over is how in a broader definition, everything we do, with a positive intention is actually Yoga, since Yoga  is any positive connection. And there are four types of spiritual yoga:

1.- Jnana Yoga: Yoga of the intellect  and knowledge . Doing yoga  through learning to get closer to the Absolute Truth.

2.- Karma Yoga: Yoga through action. Making sure that everything we do is done with a good intention and do it mindfully .

3.- Bhatki Yoga: Yoga through  devotion. In summary, anyone that adores a God, image, etc is practicing Bhatki Yoga. All religions practice this type of Yoga.

4.- Hatha Yoga: Balance Energy Yoga: Yoga through movement, breath, mudras, meditation, to obtain balance.

When each one of us were asked with which of these four types we identify the most, it was clear to me that I identify with Jnana Yoga: proof is all the Yoga Books I have accumulated so I can learn more and more (see picture) Secondly, Hatha Yoga, which is clear considering how many times a week I practice Yoga.

Now to prepare for tomorrow, opening my mind and my heart to all there is to learn!


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