Listening to our inner voice

IMG_1162Changes are part of our daily life, and as much as we may not want them, they will always appear right in front of us either because we want them and look for them, or because they just happen. Learning how to accept challenges that we cannot avoid and to be able to discern if an opportunity we are looking for will be the right one seem to be tough and in some cases unbearable. Yoga helps with this by guiding us to accept ourselves how we are and to listen to our internal intuition, which sometimes we do not pay much attention to.

Talking about decisions that we can control, we always feel that nervousness about the unknown, and if we should or not make that change that is in front of us and that we can control. It is normal to feel apprehensive about changes, but we should not let our inertia control what we do with our lives. So what guidance do we have to know if the new path will be good for us or not?

In my experience taking many risks and changing my life and careers several times, I learned that there is something we must pay close attention to: and that is how do we feel about the challenge in front of us. It is normal to feel stressed about it, but is it a stress that could be described  as excitement, or is it a stress that could be translated into dreading the new situation? If you feel excitement, take advantage of it, it is a good feeling, and go with it! If you dread it and can’t even think of the idea of the new situation, it may be time for you to not make the change. That is your intuition telling you not to make the change!!! Follow your intuition and your dreams!



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