Completing Yoga Teacher Training

2015-12-14 17.47.46

Today was the last day of the YTT. It was a bitter sweet day, when we feel the satisfaction of having completed a personal goal and a major accomplishment. The last 3 months and a half have been full of new learnings, building stress towards the Class Presentation, making great friends, and learning about myself. I learned to not be counting how many months, weeks or days were left to finish, until last week it dawned on me that it would be over soon. And the day came today, where we met for the last time for the official classes, and what is left is the Graduation this coming weekend.

Some changes will be coming to this site, it will become a website by itself:, where I will also be posting more about where I am with my Yoga Teacher career. I do have in mind postings about very interesting concepts such as Time, Energy, Space, etc…..

Stay tuned for the changes coming up!



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