Yoga is for everyone!

Today I received in the mail aimage book, but not just a book, it is a signed copy of a book called Yoga at the Wall, written by Nancy McCaochan. My good yogui friend Barbara had it signed by her friend Nancy and mailed to me from Michigan! At first glance, it is very interesting. It makes us remember that Yoga is for everyone, and that everyone should feel welcome and motivated to practice!

We always have to keep in mind that compassion and understanding should be part of a yoga life. The use of the wall and other props should always be encouraged so everyone can reach their potential. When we are beginners we may feel that the yoga poses are not reachable, or we may have physical conditions that could prevent us from even trying. However, using the wall could make Yoga reachable to so many people who would actually benefit from a regular practice even more!

This wonderful book will become a gem in my collection, and I will read it and incorporate it to my own practice and to any classes I may teach in the future.



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